Watershed Management and Water Quality

The Lower Grand River Organization of Watersheds (LGROW) is an agency of the Grand Valley Metro Council (GVMC), which puts LGROW in a unique position to blend non-governmental organizations with the local government members of GVMC. This collaboration empowers communities to protect and revitalize the watershed. LGROW has grown from a grassroots organization to its current structure of a 40-member Board of Directors representing water managers, sub-basin groups, and the public at large.


LGROW developed the Lower Grand River Watershed Management Plan, which describes a framework for improving water quality in the watershed, specifically addressing non-point source pollution. Implementation strategies include addressing agricultural runoff, preserving and restoring regional green infrastructure, and installing local, site-specific low impact development practices. Involving partners who are responsible and able to acquire and manage land for habitat and water resource protection is vital for the future health of a watershed. The Watershed management Plan is available here.