Regional Cooperation Committee

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For some time now, a group of local officials in the Grand Valley Area have been meeting regularly to promote cooperation between and among local units of government, especially in the area of land use and land transfers.

This group, established by GVMC as the City-Township Cooperation Committee, was given the initial task of seeking local solutions to the problems of annexation. The group examined a variety of issues dealing with this problem and, as a result, published a set of "Cooperation Principles." These principles were adopted by GVMC as official policy in December of 1996 and continue to serve as a guideline for local government cooperation.

During 1998 the Committee took additional time to further examine the issues of annexation and detachment, as well as other forms of land transfers, and concluded that a model set of standards and methodologies should be adopted. The Committee adopted and published another set of principles, entitled "Land Transfers: Recommended Procedures for Local Units." This document was also adopted by GVMC as official policy in January, 1999. The creation and adoption of these policy statements speaks well of the high level of cooperation among local officials in the Grand Valley area. Not only will these policies guide local decision makers in this area but should serve as models for officials across the State of Michigan.

In 2004 the City-Township Cooperation name was change to Regional Cooperation Committee.

All member communities have a seat.


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