GVMC Activities

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GVMC works proactivly with stakeholders, as well as state and federal officials to analyze current legislative issues and impact legislation that affects our interests. The Council works to educate our communities about issues that affect them and promote the interests of local government in Lansing.


The transportation department's mission is to provide a forum for continuing, comprehensive, and cooperative regional multi-mode transportation planning processes. The Department is involved in regional planning, management and operations, air quality, data collection and distribution, public involvement and education, and interaction with various joint programs of GVMC, Kent and Ottawa Counties, the State of Michigan, and the US Department of Transportation.


An acronym for "Regional Geographic Information System," provides a common database, infrastructure, and suite of applications used for spatial data management by our members.  To facilitate a more informed decision making process, twenty cities, townships, and quasi-governmental organizations have joined together to develop REGIS, one of the largest local government multi-participant Geographic Information System (GIS) projects.

Land Use:

The Land Use department is involved in regional planning, data collection and distribution, education, and interaction with various joint programs of GVMC and Kent County.

Natural Resources:

Natural resources includes a group of GVMC initiatives lending regional evaluation and coordination of systems built for environmental protection. Current programs include: Regional Environmental Planning Agency (REPA), Rogue River Watershed Council, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System II (NPDES II) and the Lower Grand watershed management program in conjunction with MDEQ.

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