Metropolitan Development Blueprint Awards

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The intent of the Metropolitan Development Blueprint Award is to recognize persons, companies, agencies, municipalities or organizations that have helped advance the Blueprint vision: compact, livable communities; regional centers of employment; retention of open lands and well designed transportation and transit systems.

Since establishing those visions, GVMC and its Blueprint Committee have determined such broad visions requires many changes in the way we currently develop land, save open spaces, plan infrastructure, govern ourselves and even in the way we communicate with one another.

Complex change such as this is often difficult to see and explain. By pointing to important and often heroic efforts made by members of our own community in advancing this important vision, we hope to both heighten awareness of this change and pay appropriate tribute to those leading the way with tangible results.

The Metropolitan Development Blueprint Awards will be presented annually at the Growing Communities Conference in June. 

Please email Andy Bowman for more information.

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