Growing Communities Conference

June 10, 2010
Choosing Our Future:
Innovations and Adaptations for Sustaining Community

With the last two years proving to be among our most challenging ever, there is no room left in most governmental, institutional and private sector budgets for new program areas and ambitious new initiatives.  And yet, with all indications suggesting that we are indeed heading into an era of widespread change at all levels of community life, the need still remains to be open to new ideas and be ready to engage and adopt the best of them.  With this in mind, we intend to accomplish two specific goals this year: 1) to open up minds to new possibilities and 2) to clearly see the best ways and in what directions to move.  We’ll start the day by taking a closer look at current economic trends in Michigan and follow that up with a facilitated open dialog in our plenary session inviting the wealth of knowledge held by our conferees to be shared.  Morning breakouts will then cover topics requested by our survey respondents such as government consolidation, sustainable transportation investments, public-private partnerships, new methods in engaging community, and more.   Plus, our afternoon panel session will provide a real debate over the need for a Constitutional Convention in the State of Michigan.  Finally, for this year, we are planning a special emphasis for the Metropolitan Development Blueprint Award highlighting and honoring the various ways our local governments are innovating and adapting to the new realities we are all facing.  This will be a must attend conference!