Public Education

GVMC believes that educating and engaging youth is critical in increasing the effectiveness of local government and bringing a higher quality of life to the area. GVMC's services to area schools include the following:

  • Local Government Curriculum - GVMC has partnered with the Civics Institute, MML, MTA, and MAC to offer a turn-key curriculum package and in-service program for teachers on local government. The program has been designed specifically to target knowledge areas covered in the MEAP test. The curriculum is available free of charge through the Civics Institute at An in-service program is currently being developed in a DVD format so that instructors can access it at their convenience.

  • Speakers – Elected Officials - GVMC also works to pair schools and local officials who can speak from experience and offer first hand knowledge in local government administration and issues. To request a speaker – Contact Gayle McCrath at or 776.7613.

  • Speakers – Regional Issues – GVMC is becoming this area's source for a great variety of information on the important issues facing our metropolitan region. Staff expertise covers subject areas such as land use planning, demographics, transportation planning, data management and more. If you would like a presentation on any of these topics - Contact Gayle McCrath at or 776.7613

  • “This Land is Your Land,” Land Use Curriculum - MSU Extension. The Kent MSU extension has developed a land use curriculum targeted at 3rd – 5th grades titled “This Land is Your Land.” The program is available to teachers free of charge from the Kent MSU Extension at

  • Clean Air Action – GVMC and the West Michigan Clean Air Coalition are very active in the education of ground-level ozone and fine particulate matter and its effects on our health and the environment. Partnerships have been developed with businesses, educational institutions, government and non-profit groups to work together to achieve cleaner air in the region through community education and the promotion of voluntary emission reduction activities. For more information, please visit To schedule a presentation to your class, scout troop, social organization, etc. contact Andrea Faber at or 776.7603.

  • Amtrak / Westrain – As a member of the Westrain Coalition, GVMC actively supports and promotes usage of Amtrak lines. Westrain is a passenger rail collaborative that promotes the Amtrak - Pere Marquette line in West Michigan. The train runs daily from Grand Rapids to Chicago while making stops along the way in Holland, St. Joseph/Benton Harbor, Bangor, and New Buffalo. To find out more about WESTRAIN go to To schedule a speaker on the benefits of Amtrak and/or Westrain, contact Gayle McCrath at or 776.7613.