Legislative Priorities

The Grand Valley Metropolitan Council


2011-2012 Legislative Priorities for 96th Michigan Legislature

State Tax Policy and Local Fiscal Stability

  1. Revenue Sharing: The Grand Valley Metro Council supports the reauthorization of the formula for distributing the statutory portion of state shared revenues in a manner that restores revenue sharing payments to Michigan counties and fully funds the state’s historic revenue sharing obligations to Michigan’s cities, villages and townships.  

b.   Tax Restructuring and Inducements for Economic Development: The Grand Valley Metro Council supports the restructuring of Michigan’s tax code to provide a more predictable and stable tax environment for businesses; to more closely match the changing nature of Michigan’s economy; to provide inducements for retaining businesses and attracting new investments; and to provide adequate revenues to support critical state and local government services.
Intergovernmental Cooperation

c.   Elimination of Obstacles for Multi-Jurisdictional Service Sharing: The GVMC supports amendments to current state laws that remove statutory obstacles faced by Michigan counties, cities, villages and townships desiring to form service sharing partnerships. In pursuit of that goal, GVMC seeks amendments to several existing state statutes that will make it easier for counties and communities to share resources and more efficiently deliver critical local services:

    1. 1967 Public Act 7 – Urban Cooperation Act
    2. 1967 Public Act 8 – Intergovernmental Transfer of Functions and Responsibilities Act
    3. 1969 Public Act 312 – Compulsory Binding Arbitration
    4. 1989 Public Act 292 – The Metropolitan Councils Act


Unfunded State Mandates
d.   The GVMC steadfastly opposes the imposition of unfunded state mandates on counties and local units and strongly encourages the Legislature to adopt the recommendations cited in the 2010 report of the Legislative Commission on Statutory Mandates.
Transportation Funding

e.   State and Federal Funding: The GVMC supports a substantial increase in both state and federal funding for transportation infrastructure improvements, public transit operations and regional planning activities through Metropolitan Planning Organizations.


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