The Grand Valley Metropolitan Council passed a resolution urging the Governor and Legislators to use the projected budget surplus to replace funding diverted from local government and to fix our roads.  Click here to view the resolution.

Metropolitan Planning Organization Resolution

Resolution of the Grand Valley Metro Council (GVMC) opposing any deferrals of transportation projects in the Grand Region as proposed by Governor Jennifer Granholm and the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Whereas, the GVMC is the Metropolitan Planning Organization designated by the Governor as being responsible together with the state, for carrying out provisions of 23 U.S.C. 134 (Federal Aid Highway Planning Requirements); and

Whereas, the GVMC 2025 Long Range Plan identified I-196/Chicago Drive/Baldwin Street Extension, I-96/36 th Street, I-96 East of Thornapple as transportation needs; and

Whereas, these projects are programmed in the GVMC 2004-2006 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP); and

Whereas, the US 31 Bypass has been identified as a priority project for the County of Ottawa and programmed in the MACC's Transportation Improvement Program (TIP); and

Whereas, the current MDOT five year transportation plan includes these projects with identified funding sources; and

Whereas, there is a strong local commitment for these projects to proceed as evidenced by this resolution of support; and

Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the GVMC Board strongly encourages Governor Jennifer Granholm, the Michigan Legislature, and the MDOT to restore funding for all the Grand Region projects included in the most recent 5 Year Road & Bridge Program; and, MDOT to proceed immediately with the purchase of right of way and design for these projects and to program needed funds for future construction.

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Resolution of Support for ITP and Public Transportation

Whereas, public transportation exists in some form in all 83 Michigan counties and in the majority of Michigan’s metropolitan areas, including Grand Rapids, and

Whereas, public transportation is funded by a combination of sources including federal, state and local financing and the historic level of state support has been declining as a percentage of overall support for the past seven years, and

Whereas, the administration of Governor Jennifer Granholm has proposed a budget for 2005 that continues funding support for public transportation at current levels and holds public transportation essentially harmless from further cuts, and

Whereas, the state’s Comprehensive Transportation Fund is recognized as a primary source of funding for public transportation and these funds are “restricted state funds” intended to be used solely for provision of public transportation services and state administrative support, and

Whereas, public transportation is a key economic development tool in the Grand Rapids Metropolitan Area, providing essential transportation to work sites, training centers and education facilities, and

Whereas, public transportation is recognized and depended upon by countless residents in the Grand Rapids Metropolitan Area as a vital source of transportation for medical purposes, grocery shopping, employment and consumer activities, and

Whereas, public transportation is an integral part of local and statewide economic activity through the wages and salaries of employees, contracting of services and equipment from local vendors, purchasing capital equipment including buses and vans from Michigan-based automotive manufacturers that promote the retention of manufacturing jobs in Michigan, and

Whereas, State funds in the Comprehensive Transportation Fund, in addition to funding public transportation, provide essential rail passenger and freight, intercity bus service, transportation planning and critical state match funds for significant federal grant funding, and

Whereas, in the Grand Rapids Metropolitan Area, public transportation, provided by the Interurban Transportation Partnership, is recognized for its positive contributions not only to the economic vitality of this area, but also the quality of life for employers and employees, senior citizens, students, lower income citizens and the disabled, now

Therefore, Be It Resolved, the Grand Valley Metropolitan Council strongly supports the public transportation services provided by the Interurban Transportation Partnership and respectfully urges the members of the Michigan Legislature to fully fund existing positions in the Department of Transportation’s Multi-Modal Bureau and the state’s transportation services, and to expand state funding of all transportation services insomuch as resources allow.

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