Strategic Initiatives

  1. Ensure Trust, Credibility, and Confidence
    Only with trust, credibility, and confidence can government succeed. The Grand Valley Metro Council aims for the highest integrity, ensuring that these values are upheld in all the work it facilitates.

  1. Managing Emerging Issues
    The role of local government is changing rapidly. The Grand Valley Metro Council will be a hub of innovation where emerging issues are recognized, new ideas are shared, and best practices are implemented across a variety of municipalities.

  1. Encouraging Collaborative Service Sharing
    At in time when municipal budgets are constrained, the importance of collaborative service sharing cannot be understated. The Grand Valley Metro Council will help municipalities save by unveiling ways to share services and build collaborations across municipal boundaries.

  1. Coordinating a Region-Wide Training Exchange
    Local governments need skilled and educated leaders in order to build the strongest communities. The Grand Valley Metro Council will coordinate trainings to strengthen the skills of leaders across the region.  

  1. Nurturing a Regional Economic Development Partnership
    The Grand Valley Metro Council will work with businesses and economic development agencies to foster partnerships which promote development across the region.

  1. Planning for Sustainable Communities
    Successful communities are built on strategies that are both environmentally and economically sustainable. The Grand Valley Metro Council will help engage and plan sustainable communities that serve the needs of the local residents.

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